Water supports life and makes Earth a ‘living planet’; in other words, without water, human beings, plants and animals would cease to exist.

The availability of safe drinking water is considered a basic human right by the World Health Organisation.

  • Water helps regulate our body temperature
  • It assists in weight loss
  • Intake of water helps perfect our skin tone
  • Water plays an important role in digestion and elimination of bodily wastes
  • It regulates and maintains energy levels in the body

Eightglasses of water a day is a generalised calculation that is applied to everyone across the globe.

Scientifically speaking, the amount of water required by human beings everyday depends on their geographical location.

Depending on where you live, adults need to drink anywhere between 2.7 litres to 6 litres of water per day!

Drinking water supply to homes and commercial spaces can be from wells, bore-wells, rivers, municipality tap water etc.

It could contain rust, algae and other microscopic impurities due to poor condition of iron pipes and contaminated wastes from factories.

Whichever the source, it is safer to put drinking water through a process of purification, to ensure we don’t contaminate our bodies.

  • Pesticides: Chemicals used in crops seep down the soil and affects the water table.
  • Lead and rust: These can be dissolved in water flowing through iron pipes or pipes lined with lead.
  • Arsenic: Can permeate drinking water from natural deposits or from byproducts of agricultural or industrial activities.
  • Heavy Metals: Industrial waste like zinc, copper, mercury and cadmium contaminate rivers and rivers and may also affect the water table.
  • Fluoride: High levels of fluoride in water can cause tooth decay and bone damage.
  • Bacteria and viruses: that accumulate in water takes that remain uncleaned for prolonged periods.
  • Digestive ailments and stomach pain
  • Weakened immunity; prone to frequent illness
  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhoea
  • Skin diseases
  • Digestive dysfunction
  • Heart, liver, kidney damage
  • Chronic muscle pain,
  • Cancer

Every type of water filter has positive and negative aspects. A combination of RO, UV, and UF is best for most Indian homes, depending on your water source.

RO Water Purifier  UV Water Purifier UF Water Purifier
Requires electricity to operate  Requires electricity to operate  No electricity required
Kills and removes all the bacteria and viruses from the water  Kills all bacteria and viruses but   dead remnants remain in water  Removes 99% bacteria and   viruses from the water
Requires electricity to boost the tap water pressure  UV water purifiers can work with   normal tap water pressure  UF water purifiers can work with   normal tap water pressure