Where there is water there is life !

Where there is pure water, there is healthy life !.


Water is one of the most essential commodities in one's life like light & air. Pure water makes a family healthy and happy. If the drinking water is contaminated, the health of the total family deteriorates gradually and become easy prey to many kinds of illness and diseases. So do not compromise with drinking water. Bring home Aquasan - the perfect quality products which guarantees perfect purification

Health experts recommend that a person consume at least 8 Glasses of water each day in order to:

    • Help regulate body temperature.
    • Assist in weight loss.
    • Helps skin tone.
    • Aid in digestion and the elimination of wastes.
    • Maintain a higher energy level.

No Matter what stage of life you are in, Quality water is essential to your good health. Know that your family has the very best quality water today and every day for the rest of your life.



Here we discuss about various types of water available

Well water : There was a time when our fore fathers dig well in reach compound attached to the house, our females drawing water from deep using buckets. In those olden days water from our rural wells were considered some what pure and safe . but now the ease is quiet different. In our modern time , even the water in our village wells has become contaminated with many dissolved impurities

Bore well water : Scarcity Of water forced us to drill into the depths of the earth in search of water. Thus bore wells are born. But this water is also not pure. Here also we have the possibility of having dissolved impurities in different levels according to the variation in deposit in the earth.

River water : The same is the case with river water. It also contains a number of dissolved impurities. Disregarding the warnings of government, some industrial concerns emit the poisonous wastes direct to rivers. So, the river water even though it flows continually, we cannot rely upon.Now we saw that all these ground water sources are not free from impurities.

Tap water : Generally, majority of our population depends upon tap water from Panchayat, Municipality or Corporation. Even though the authorities take strong steps to ensure the purity of tap water by introducing water treatment plants, it is an alarming fact that still it bears many invisible impurities. Tap water may be polluted mainly 3 ways.
Firstly, the source of water from which it is pumped to the tanks may be polluted with dissolved impurities. Secondly, the water travels kilometers through age old pipes before it reaches your tap. There is every chance to mingle rust from old pipes which is soluble in flowing water, most probably invisible. Thirdly, as we know our municipal pipes does not hold water for 24 hours. Daily there may be intervals of 2, 3 hours minimum. Thus the pipes get empty and there is every chance to have oxidation and rust. So it is convinced that tap water we get is not at all 100% pure !

Pesticides : Pesticides used to protect the crops are only poisonous chemicals offering our health adversely. The ground water absorbs these dangerous pesticides and pollutes our drinking water.

Lead : Continuous flow of water through pipes containing lead accepts this dangerous metal into it. Regular consumption of this water leads to many diseases like cancer, stroke, and kidney problems. unfortunately these types of pipe lines and plumbing fixtures containing lead are seen many of our old houses.

Rust : As we discussed earlier this villain creeps into pipe water mainly due to the pipeline network. Also absence of water in pipe for a few hours causes oxidation and rust. This invisible villain is injurious to health.
Arsenic: Arsenic enters Our drinking water from natural deposits of the earth. It in a semi-metal element constant use of the water containing arsenic can affect our skin, lung, kidneys, and circulatory system.
Heavy Metals: We all will agree that our natural sources of water are not pure as in our ancestor’s time. As a result of industrial progress, our precious water is fated to mingle with heavy metals like Zinc, copper, mercury and cadmium, emitting from industrial firms as wastes. These heavy metals are very dangerous because they affect mans central nervous system.
Fluoride: We cannot be sure of the level of fluoride contained in our drinking water. Though a low level of fluoride helps to prevent dental problems, high level of fluoride may cause tooth decay and even skeletal damage.
Bacteria and viruses : In individual houses or flat complexes, companies or institutions water is stored in over head tanks.

Water stored in there tanks remain there unclean for months and perhaps for years! Even though fresh water is pumped when the previous water finishes, all the old water is not distributed through the pipes. A small residuum will be left in the bottom of the tank. These tanks thus become the safest abode for bacteria and viruses to grow and multiply. The diseases like Cholera, Diarrhea, Dysentery and Typhoid are caused by the elements.
All these prove that our drinking water is not free from contamination. At the same time we all know that pure water in the most essential commodity to sustain our life and every body ardently desires to have the purest water.

Boiled Water : This is the most popular method used by our good old Housewives to purify the drinking water especially in rainy season. This household method is adapted in some of our modern water purifiers based on electronic boiling.
UV based water purifiers : It is a fact that the boiling of water destroys bacteria and viruses. It is however a great consolation. But boiling does not remove dissolved impurities like rust, heavy metals, pesticides etc. And as we discussed earlier, there dissolved impurities still remaining in boiled water can lead to many kinds of diseases.
In all over conventional UV based water purifiers, only eliminating of bacteria and viruses takes place.