Aquasaan Water Dispenser

Aquasaan Water Dispenser provides purified drinking water in Cool, Hot and Normal temperature. We also provide customised water coolers to suit customers requirement.Specially designed for Industries, Institutions, Offices, Hospitals and Hotels.

Aquasaan Misty Advantages

Water is purified with RO + UV + UF Technology, direct Storage tank purification at regular interval ensures pure and safe water . Strong and Environment friendly stainless steel body and foot rest. Combination of normal, hot and cold water Food Graded raw materials and multi level quality checks ensure safe purifier functioning Dual Protection ( Thermostat and Thermal cut off ) for compressor and heater Eco friendly - CFC - free cooling systems Superior quality grooved copper tubes ensures faster cooling, thus consumes less power High Quality water storage tank and food graded piping ensures safe storage of purified water Specially designed for Industries, Institutions, Offices, Hospitals and Hotels

Aquasaan Misty Features

  • Shell is made with Iron angles.


  • All water storage parts are made of Stainless Steel 304.


  • CNC designed with lazer cutting.


  • Legs are made of  Stainless Steel sheets.


  • No need of separate stand.